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2020 Spring Issue

Rathalla Review | Spring 2020 features the work of:

Howard Skrill, Rebecca Pyle, Bina Ruchi Perino, Timothy Dodd, Jeffrey H. MacLachlan, Nathan Spoon, Henry Stimpson, Adam Luebke, Isaac W Sauer, Thad DeVassie, Phillip Sterling.

The following staff members worked on this issue:

Rachel Kolman, Jess Callans, Kyle Robertson, Stacy Wong, Watsuki Harrington, Victoria Giansante, Noelle Marasheski, Lauren Bruce, Linda Romanowski, Ann O'Neill, Meg Ryan, Larissa Mariani, Aurore Uwase, Carla Spataro.

You can download this issue to read it below!

Download PDF • 10.07MB

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