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2019 Spring Issue

Rathalla Review | Spring 2019 features the work of:

Kashyap Patel, Adorable Monique, Denise Barker, Ion Golubei, Calvin Olsen, Marshall Farren, Rasma Haidri, Joshua James, Destiny Smith, Lena Marecki, Kevin

Ralph Bray.

The following staff members worked on this issue:

Christopher Eckman, Roma Narkhede, Watsuki Harrington, Rachel Kolman, Stacy Wong, Katie Pettine, Beth Moulton, Kyle Robertson, Victoria Giasante, Riya Gandhi, Alex Ellis, Kimberly Grandy, LindaRomanowski, Megan Yates, Sarah Dintez, Carla Spataro.

You can download this issue to read it below!

Download PDF • 7.39MB

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