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2022 Spring Issue

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Rathalla Review | Spring 2022 features the work of:

Roger Camp, Dan Crawford, Carolyn Oliver, Phyllis Green, Weining Wang, David A. Summers, Robert McGuill, Daniel Goulden, Greg Probst, Salvatore Difalco, Jennifer Judge, Jessica Whipple, Malisa Garlieb

The following staff members worked on this issue:

Olivia Stone, Nikko Marasheski, Stephi Cham, Nicole Markert, Watsuki Harrington, Lara Slabber, Alea Giordano, Ashleigh Hughes, David Stephens, Sarah Karasek, Amanda Swain, Jacqueline Jewell, Carla Spataro.

You can download a copy to read here!

Download PDF • 24.19MB

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