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10th Anniversary (2022) Annual Issue

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Rathalla Review | 10th Anniversary (2022) Annual Issue features the work of:

Elizabeth Bodien, Julie Boutwell-Peterson, Roger Camp, Eimile Campbell, Ilaria Cortesi, Dan Crawford, Mary Christine Delea, Rita Feinstein, Ion Golubei, Daniel Goulden, Courtney Harler, Jennifer Judge, Mark Pearce, Sydnee Robertson, Victoria Lynn Smith, David A. Summers, and Jessica Whipple.

The following staff members worked on this issue:

Olivia Stone, Lara Slabber, Georgia Riordan, Laura Wehr, Watsuki Harrington, Stephen Brown, Stephi Cham, Brenna Beale, Ariana Dos Santos, Teresa FitzPatrick, Asia Goggans, Sarah Karasek, John Rheiner, David Stephens, and Susan Wagner.

You can download a copy to read here!

10th Anniversary Rathalla Review
Download PDF • 3.72MB

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