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2023 Fall Issue

Updated: Jan 13

Rathalla Review | Fall 2023 features the work of:

Abbie Doll, Abishek Formal, Angela Townsend, Becky Gesteland, Bill Wolack, Brandi Stewart, Linda Gonzalez, Christianne Goodwin, Haley Mattes, JC Alfier, Jeff Tannen, Jim Ross, Kara Armstrong, Kurt Luchs, Marlene Olin, Paul Luikart, Patrick Denny, Rebecca Fradkin, Roger Camp

The following staff members worked on this issue:

Stephen Brown, Georgia Riordan, Kris McCormick, Nicole Masnicak, Emily Angley, David Stephens, Katherine Orfinger, Roseanne Corey, and Teresa Fitzpatrick

You can download a copy to read here!

Fall 2023.Rathalla Review
Download PDF • 45.85MB

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